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“He blends the heart of a pastor with the training of a therapist”

Peaceful Beach The Purpose:

To come alongside people, couples, families, churches, and organizations seeking to assist in the healing of inner hurts, the discovery of insights, the resolution of conflicts, and the development of healthy emotional and spiritual maturity.

What is Parakalein Christian Counseling?

Parakalein Christian counseling is a psycho-social-spiritual focused approach to the issues of the human struggle for meaning and purpose.  It orients a personal and compassionate response to those struggles around a Biblio-centric worldview.  It uses the Bible in an open, supportive, yet non-intrusive way.  It orients conceptually intervention, interpretations, and treatment around a Christ-centered world view that maintains a balance between “truth and grace.”  It differentiates between self-serving and client-assisting spiritual truths.  It seeks to empower the client to work for the changes he or she desires.  The hallmarks of Christian counseling are compassion, collaboration, cooperation, and care, which are the opposite of judgment, criticism, direction or control, whether religiously, ethnically, or socially driven.  Romans 2:8 states that the “kindness of God leads to repentance (change).”  Parakalein Christian counseling combines the best of the spiritual and psychological resources for life in an empathic and empowering way.

Parakalein is a Greek word that literally means “the one called alongside of.”  It is a non-intrusive, non-imposing, authentic presence that is empathetic and empowering.

The Parakalein Approach

The Parakalein approach to counseling is based on an innovative understanding of the nature and person of God and humanity.  The primary core values are authenticity, integrity, empowerment, and inclusiveness.

Theology and psychology are interwoven into a tapestry of mutual respect, affirmation, valuation, and validation.  At the heart of the Parakalein therapeutic approach is a dynamic life approach that parallels an understanding of God.  It sees apparently opposite, contradictory, conflicting ideas, orientations, personalities, or relationships as a creative catalyst for a fuller experience and expression of Biblical and Life truths.

The therapeutic approach focuses on parallel awareness, understanding, and interaction rather than confrontational, and oppositional, self-defensive fragmentation.  Differences are embraced as a catalyst to the very cooperative, collaborative, valuing, and mutually inclusive opportunities to experience growth rather than used to be fueled for competition, mutual exclusivity, and devaluation.  Conflicts are then to be resolved not by determining who is right or superior but rather by creative mutually valuing, validating resolutions.

The difference between the Holy God and sinful humanity is the catalyst for God’s sending his son to creatively value his love for his creation and his personal purity with integrity in the reality of his person and compassion to other persons.  All conflicts and differences are to inspire the same creative response that embodies personal integrity and compassion to others.  Authenticity of person and authority used to express care cooperate to goodness.

Parakalein offers a win-win experience orientation to the resolutions of all spiritual, internal, relational, and organizational conflicts.



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