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Individual Therapy

Allows a person to experience a supportive presence while going through the pressures of life that come from abuse, rape, incest, grief, guilt, depression, anxiety, adjustments, divorce and life-changing decisions, etc.

Couple and Family Therapy

Helps to develop relationships within the family. Play therapy is employed with children to provide a positive medium for expressing feelings.

Group Therapy

Is often provided to assist in the healing process and in assisting in social skills and community living.


Educational seminars are offered in the church and community. Supervision of pastors or others who seek training in counseling is offered.

Consultation and Mediation

Services are available for churches, organizations and families in conflict.


Patient Information and Staff Procedures

Information concerning patients is highly confidential.† This includes all information concerning patients, such as medical conditions, social and personal history, and financial situation.† Employees are expected to guard the privacy of patients by doing the following:

  • Keeping all patient-related information secure, including items such as patient records, referral forms, billing records, medical reports, and appointment schedules.† Such items are kept out of the sight of patients and staff.
  • Forwarding all requests for patient information whether from the patientís family, another physician, an insurer, or a lawyer, directly to Dr. Paine.† No information will ever be released without the written consent of the patient.
  • Refraining from looking at patient records unless it is essential to the performance of job functions.
  • Not discussing any aspect of a patientís care or situation with friends, family, or others outside the practice.
  • Not discussing a patientís medical condition or history with the patient, unless instructed to do so by Dr. Paine.

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